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For anyone to request, leave a comment here, notes, or on my page. However, I might take a while because of school, and my other interests other than Happy Tree Friends and drawing, and taking a break. Read the Rules, Do's and Dont's, before you request.

1) Read the rules (Like you are right now) before you request.
2) Don't rush me, though I get requests done fast (If I am on while I get them)
3) Read the Do's and Dont's before requesting.
4) Be patient, I am at school sometimes and need a break, if you're impatient, I will not do your request. (Asking how you request is going is acceptable)
5) Don't request after I just submitted your request. Wait a few hours or so, before you give me your next request.
6) If I mess up on your request, don't complain, and I am sorry if I do.
7) Be clear when requesting so I don't make any mistakes.
8) Do not complain about the rules, if you don't like them, don't request then. Otherwise, request...
9) Requests are unlimited, but PLEASE give me a break though...

I will draw (Do's):
*Happy Tree Friends (official characters (From the show), Ka-Pow characters, OCs (Must be HTF Characters ONLY, unless :iconzimkiller1:'s EZ and/or :icongrayfoxninja14:'s Edward), and my OC Jams the Squirrel (… )) ONLY.
*Inflation (Only HTF characters)
*Body inflation (Main focus)
*Blueberry Inflation or other fruit inflations (I would have to paint edit, or use colored pencils)
*Suit inflation (NO clothes must be suits only)
*Ballooning TF (part of inflation)
*Flattenings (Although there needs to be an inflated character squishing the victim, and yes I like slapstick with HTF characters)
*Drawings of OCs (Must be HTF, unless :iconzimkiller1:'s EZ and/or :icongrayfoxninja14:'s Edward. The character can either be inflated or just be in a regular pic)

I will NOT draw (Don'ts):
*Weight Gain (I won't draw excessive flabs at all, neither minor weight gains)
*Vore (Falls into belly inflation by a bit)
*Deflations (I would suck if I were to draw this subject)
*Popping (Even for an HTF fan, I won't, and falls into gore)
*Butt, Breast, Hourglass inflation (Since when do any character on HTF have any of these aspects? Unless they were anthro, but I don't draw anthro)
*OCs and/or canon characters that are not HTF related (Falls into other characters inflated)
*Other characters inflated (e.g. Mario, Sonic, etc) (the MAIN reason why my account is called "HTFInflation" and falls into "OCs that are not HTF related)
*Belly inflation (I suck at belly inflation, and I am NOT doing this as much, even with practice.)
*Other parts inflated (Hands, Feet, Head, etc.) (Just NO)
*Gore (I don't know how to draw gore, and falls into Popping) (minor bits of blood is some-what fine, no popping and/or internal organs being shown)
*Gas (Farts, burps, etc.) (Too gross)
*Sexual/Explicit Themes (I keep my art clean, though just kissing is fine)
*Strong Language ("Crap, Damn, Hell" are acceptable)
*Pregnancy (Both M and F) (You can find that everywhere else!)
*:iconzimkiller1:'s EZ inflated (Because that's his rule)

*If you request anything from the Don'ts, I will have to ask you to change it up.
*This journal may have some improvements at anytime, to either update the rules or add stuff to the "Do's" and "Don'ts".


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John McCorn (Jams the Squirrel)
Artist | Student | Other
United States
Well, my name is John McCorn, I am a great fan of Happy Tree Friends as well with Inflation, and putting them both together. Hence my username being HTFInflation. But, I also like Happy tree Friends at normal states rather than being inflated.

The picture is my OC: Jams the Squirrel, for info about him. See…

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TheWhistleGaming 3 hours ago  Professional Filmographer
RQ: Rexy, inflated, is floating away, Ez atop him, and Handy is also inflated, facing downward, but still flying up. Meanwhile, Jams is watching in shock as Petunia's hard-hatted baby falls off the apartment building's roof.
HTFInflation 2 hours ago  Student Artist
I think that's a bit too much, do you think?
TheWhistleGaming 1 hour ago  Professional Filmographer
HTFInflation 53 minutes ago  Student Artist
The characters, the setting; a little too much for my main drawing book.

Well I do also have another drawing book that's a bit bigger, so I guess I could do it then. :\
zimkiller1 22 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
for a request I just want you to draw petunia with an inflated belly with, dare I say it, her babies bouncing on her belly.
HTFInflation 21 hours ago  Student Artist
Her babies? What in the hell are you talking about?!
zimkiller1 21 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
in like the future that is. I don't know I am just saying some weird shit.
HTFInflation 21 hours ago  Student Artist
Oh, sorry about that, but 3 questions;

1) How many babies exact?
2) Do most of them resemble the father, petunia, or both?
3) Who is the father?
(1 Reply)
HTFInflation 1 day ago  Student Artist
HTFInflation 1 day ago  Student Artist
Oh, I am good. And you?
(1 Reply)
thank you for +fav ! Hug 
HTFInflation 3 days ago  Student Artist
My pleasure.
'Scuse me sir, do you take requests?
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